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A dynamic multifaceted young educationist, youth motivator, Author & Career Counselor and professional with over 20yrs. of teaching experience at PG &UG level. The far reaching objective is to empower women through technical education particularly in the field of Biotechnology, Information Technology and Management and to achieve optimum finesse in teaching Methodologies. “You Can Succeed-Vol-I,II”, “Why Should I Say Thank You”, “Love & Feelings Are Everything” & How to strengthen mind through positivity or Magic Cards, Puzzle of positive thoughts etc...

True Love_English

True Love_Hindi

Management By Ramayana

Bhagwat Gita (English)

Positivity in 36 Days

Its for sure that the contents of this book are common and usually you would have read them or heard them from someone. But if you have not been able to understand it some of them before, then this time something special will definitely happen.

You Can Succeed, Vol-1

Truth & Transparency enhances self confidence and results in a stress free life.

You Can Succeed, Vol-2

If you want to achieve something in life you have to dream it, think of it, believe it and work for it.

Positivity Thinking...

How to strenghen mind through positivity...

Thank You

Why Should I Say Thank You (76 Reasons...)

Dr. Sanjay Biyani

Love & Feelings Are Everything (76 Reasons...)

Management by Hanuman Ji

Success life for Management compulsory...

Thank You

Why Should I Say Thank You (76 Reasons...)