A dynamic Multifaceted young educationist, youth motivator, Author and an Entrepreneur with over 22yrs of Teaching experience at PG and UG level. The far reaching objective is to empower women and youth through technical education and believes that there is tremendous scope in each and every youth with hidden potential talent which can be explored through proper counseling.

Career Counselling

Areas of Expertise

  • Staff-Teacher Training
  • Management Consultancy
  • Excellent Communicator and Speaker
  • Career Counseling and Meditation
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • HR Management and Networking
  • Developing Educational Videos and Websites
  • Research Guide and Writer
  • Entrepreneurship

Personal Details

  • Biyani Group of Colleges Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur-302039 Rajasthan (India)
  • Ph. : +91-0141- 2338591-95
  • Fax : +91-0141-2338007
  • DOB: 06/08/1970
  • Nationality: Indian

Books Written

  • Fundamental of Accounting, Ramesh Book Depot, Jaipur
  • Practical Problems in Accountancy, Ramesh Book Depot, Jaipur
  • Easy Approach to Income Tax, BICMPL, Jaipur
  • Advanced Accountancy, Ajmera Book Company, Jaipur
  • Practical Advanced Accountancy, Ajmera Book Company, Jaipur
  • Business Economics, Ajmera Book Company, Jaipur
  • Management Accounting, Ajmera Book Company, Jaipur
  • Managerial Economics, Ajmera Book Company, Jaipur
  • Business Statistics, Ajmera Book Company, Jaipur
  • How to Strengthen Mind through Positivity, BICMPL, Jaipur
  • Bhagavad Gita... Sanjay Ki Nazar Se, BICMPL, Jaipur

Professional And Academic Qualifications

  • PG Diploma in Yoga and Therapy, 2021
  • M.B.A. - Annamalai University, 2020
  • LL.M. - Jagannath University, 2019
  • LL.B. - University of Rajasthan, 2018
  • PG Diploma in Counselling, 2013
  • M.Com. - University of Rajasthan, 1999
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA) - ICAI, New Delhi, 1995

Field of Interest

  • Accounting & Statistics
  • Business Ethics and Ethos
  • Company Law & Direct Tax
  • Personality Development & Yoga

Awards And Achievements

  • Fellow Member, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) from 2001
  • Awarded by the President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for Valuable Services in 2004
  • Gold Medal for securing 1st Position in LL.M. Programme.
  • Awarded "Shiksha Bharti Award" by Vice Chancellor, Central University, Rajasthan in 2013
  • Commendation Certificate by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Japan in 2017.
  • Leelawati Award by the AICTE in 2021.
  • 15 Keynote Speaker in national and international conferences.
  • Visited as a Guest Speaker and Motivator in various corporate and professional institutes - Vodafone, DB Corps, SBBJ, ICAI, LIC, ICS, IIT, Central University, etc.

Professional Exposure

  • Nominated as research supervisor by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota for degree of Doctor of philosophy
  • Founder member of Biyani Group of Colleges (BGC).
  • Presently, Director (Academics) of Biyani Girls College, Jaipur ('A' Grade NAAC Accredited)
  • Working as Honorary Secretary, Biyani Shikshan Sansthan
  • Shared innovative ideas and rich experience for establishing Management Systems and Internal upgradation & Controls in educational Institutions almost all over India.
  • Invited by Saitama University, Japan to understand and compare the educational System and research technologies of India and Japan.
  • Conducted 600+ seminars and workshops for youth Awareness as a Social Responsibility
  • Visited as a guest speaker and motivator in various corporate and professional Institutes- Vodafone, DB Corps, SBBJ, ICAI, LIC, ICSI, IIT and Central University.
  • Integral part of Dainik Bhaskar Career Counseling Team and active member as the key resource person for Rajasthan Patrika Career Counseling Program.

Industry/Professional Experience : 13 Years

Teaching Experience : 14 Years at Biyani Group of Colleges, Jaipur

  • M.Com., B.Com.
  • M.B.A., B.B.A.
  • Ph.D. Thesis advising : 07 (As Main Guide , RTU, Kota)
  • Short Term Courses/Workshops : 21 (in campus), 08 (in-house training for industry)
  • Academic Articles Published : 10
  • Other Articles Published : 25

Research Experience :

Head of the Research Centre Biyani Institute of Science & Management, Affiliated from Rajasthan Technical University, Kota from last 10 years.
  • No. of Scholars registered : 08
  • No. of Scholars submitted thesis : 02

Editor :

  • Biyani Times monthly newsletter from 2003 (RNI No.: RAJBIL/2003/13325)

Guest Speaker :

  • SMTP of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)
  • OT (for CA pass out students) The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
  • SBBJ Training Centre, Jaipur
  • Study Circle Meetings (for CA members) at ICAI, Jaipur

Social and E-Presence

  • Chief Editor of Biyani Times Newspaper
  • Regular Presence on Zee TV, a dedicated show named “Career Mantra”
  • Directed a documentary on Kalpana Chawla's Life "Kalpana Ki Udaan" available on You Tube.
  • Founder member and key concept provider for unique launch of the Educational Web Portal “" containing 1500+ educational video lectures and 300+ study materials for the benefit of the students.
  • Has uploaded over 100+ videos on career counseling on you tube.
  • Written more than 100+ blogs on career counseling

Innovative Projects :

As a through educationist, has also worked on the innovative projects for the overall development of the students:
  • Has developed "Psychological and Career Aptitude Test" (Available online and offline mode)
  • Has patronized "Think Tank" project - it is efforts to develop study materials for the benefits of student (Available in PDF form at portal free of charge and also available offline at cost price).
  • Has patronized "Youtube Channel-Gurukpo where 3100 of academic videos are available free of charge to the students. As per Youtube statistics more than 51 Million students/users are benefited and 441Kareactive subscribers of the channel.
  • Has been organizing 10 days Orientation Programme "OORJA" for personality development of new students in Biyani Group of Colleges, Jaipur since 2005.
  • Has been act as regular columnist in Dainik Navjyoti and Nafa Nuksan newspapers.
  • Has always been a pioneer and act as key person in designing and patronizing programmes related to women empowerment from last 16 years.
  • Kalpana Chawla Awards : This programme is being organized annually since 2007. Every year the awards are given by Shri B.L. Chawla Father of Late Ms. Kalpana Chawla. More than 100 meritorious girls from all over the country are benefited with this award.
  • "Shakti" programme is being organized on 8th of March every year on the occasion of International Women's Day to honour women who have achieved professional and social excellence in their respective fields since 2005.
  • "Chanakya" Faculty Development Programme is organized every year to develop teaching skill, boosting moral and ethics in teaching community at Biyani Group of Colleges since 2005.

Research Papers Published in UGC listed, Professional and International Journal:

  • Role and Impact of Bhagavad Gita with reference to Self-Management in COVID-19 Pandemic Situation, International Journal of All Research Education and Scientific Methods (IJARESM), ISSN: 2455-6211, Volume 9, Issue 6, June -2021, Impact Factor: 7.429
  • A Study on Significant motives of Investment Decisions in selected Indian IT Equity Stock, Wesleyan Journal of Research, Vol. 13, No. 4(11), 2020
  • "Risk and Return Analysis versus Investor Psyche", Sambohi (UGC care Journal), Vol. 43, No. 03 (III), July-Sept. 2020, ISSN : 2249-6661]
  • Measuring the Internal Audit's value in the Banking Sector, Juni Khyat (UGC Care Group I Listed Journal) Vol. 10, Issue 7 No., 10 July 2020, ISSN : 2278-4632
  • A Study on Fundamental Analysis : Evidence from selected Indian IT Stocks, Impact : Internal Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature, ISSN (P) 2347-4564, Vol. 7, Issue-3, Mar. 2019, P.P. 137-144
  • Non-Performing assets of Public and Private Sector Banks in India : A Study (Inspira Journal of Modern Management and Entrepreneurship) 2017 PP. 85-90, Volume 7 (Issue 4)
  • Behavioural Finance : Evaluation of Investors : Irrational behaviour on Stock Market, Inspira-Journal of Morden Management & Entrepreneurship (JMME), ISSN : 2231-167X Impact factor 2.3982, Volume 07, No. 02 April 2017, P.P. 141-146
  • Inventory Management (as-2) : A study of Carbon Credits as an Inventory, AIJRA Vol.-I, Issue-II, ISSN : 2455-5967, 2015
  • An Analysis of Individual Investor Behavior in Stock Market, AIJRA Vol. II, Issue-I, ISSN 2455-5967, 2015

Research Articles Published in International Conferences and Seminars:

  • GuruKPO - A Symphony of Knowledge : Proceedings of National Conference on IT In Global World : A Futuristic Perspective(2009)
  • Customer Relationship Marketing: Strategies and Challenges : Contemporary Issues in Management of Business (2009); ISBN : 978-93-83343-02-7
  • Innovative and Creative Strategies adopted by Top Business Executive : Creativity and Innovation in Management of Business (2014); ISBN : 978-93-83462-37-7
  • Non-Performing Assets and Banking Stress: Some Issues : Leading Innovations and Strategies towards Stress Management (2017); ISBN: 978-93-83462-92-6
  • Finding Innovative Solutions to India's NPA11 Woes : Sustainable Development in Computing Technologies for Business World (2018); ISBN: 978-93-83462-61-2
  • The effectiveness of Long from Audit Report and Internal Control System in Banking Sector: Economic & Industrial Growth through Recent Innovations and Advancement (2019); ISBN:978-93-83462-96-4
  • Additional Depreciation Published in CIRC Newsletter of ICAI in 1997
  • Bank Audit Advances Published in The Chartered Accountants Practice Journal in 1996
  • Audit Checklist - Bank Audit Published in The Chartered Accountants Practice Journal in 1995
  • Risk Assessment & Internal Control CIRC Newsletter of ICAI in 1994