Great minds enjoy excellence

Dear Aspirants of success,

Please do not think for a moment that I'm one of those motivational Guru/writers in Jaipur, Rajasthan who have always been chaired on high pedestals and lettering inspirational quotes and anecdotes for people while never trenching and experiencing the arduous ways of the world. But I am one of those people from among the common masses who have risen to heights after facing the grueling heat of the world and running the rate face for long.

I have seen many people in my life who are sick and tired of struggling to make ends meet, who read a bunch of Motivational Books and still find themselves kind of depressed, who have great ideas in their heads but are scared to death to step out and strike it on your own. As one of the popular motivational speakers in Jaipur, My success mantra in life has been inspired by focused actions! That's it. You see, I don't believe you came across this book by mere chance or accident. It is said that coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous.

Look at today's date and time. It could well be the turning point in your life.

Through this website and my book I have made an earnest effort of sharing with you all the beautiful thoughts and quotes that have helped me revolutionize my life and I am sure that it can have the same effect on your life as well.

The proper way to do the same is that you read my books each chapter one by one, not just for the sake of entertainment but for enlightening your life. On reading each chapter, comprehend the quotes one at a time and then introspect over it, Think how your life can benefit from it. If you wish, pin up your favorite quote on your study table, your bookshelf or anywhere you feel you can view it again and again. The method will help you in assimilating the essence of my books into your life and may help you to overcome all the odds and reach the pinnacle of desired success.

However, as you choose to use these uplifting, inspiring quotes; I know that they will change your life if you take them to heart. Kipling once said that, words are "the most powerful drug used by mankind." May the words in this book be the prescription you have been looking for to change your life.

So go ahead, Get Enlightened ! Encouraged ! and Elated!