Lead a Tension Free Life

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Why do we get Tense?
Tension means stress. Those people who possess low energy whose life battery is not charged properly will feel stress. If you have less knowledge, you will feel tensed. If you don’t get positive vibration then you get tension. If you don’t have good planning, you are stressed and if you don’t feel like giving, only you are interested in taking then also you will get only tension.
But let us think of those people who do not have tension. These people never beg for anything. They are always ready to give, they always say ‘May I Help you Please’. They believe in “Law of Karma”. ‘As you sow so shall you reap’. They believe in doing good work and the result of good work will be always good. At the end only the truth will help to whatever one desire whether they win or lose they will never leave the path of truth. In this road it does not matter whether you are a loser or a winner. To have stress means we have lack of knowledge. We give importance to unnecessary things. I feel that in coming days after 3, 4 year more than half of the people will be having disturbed mental condition because there is destruction all around us. People have restricted their knowledge to certain areas but but life is a mixture of so many subjects. There is psychology, management, IT, sociology and many more involved in our day to day life is also there. But we are expert in one branch only. And we just want to get, want to earn. How many of you feel like giving ? How many of you speak to others without self interest. Everyone thinks “how can I gain ?” Everyone speaks to us with their self motivation. They think of their individual benefit whether you gain or not that is immaterial.
So, in this world where we will see only selfish people these kind of unexpected stress will always come. Because we are interested only in our own profit. Naturally there may be loss of others. But in this world only those people will survive who will be mentally powerful. They will not be affected by any kind of problem of loss. Moreover, they will learn from their loss. They will not cry in bad situation but they will try to get lesson from that.
For e.g. if a police man fines you for not using helmet – some of you will give the fine happily and give thanks instead and say sorry and learn a good lesson. Therefore, we can become a better citizen who respects traffic rule, who follows our rules of our country. We can try to improve ourselves instead of criticizing and improving others.
We can keep our premises clean. I am proud of you. Here Girls are educated, girls are very powerful. They are free from any bad habits of smoking, drinking etc.
Let us meditate and reflect on our bad habit. Let us concentrate at the centre of the eyebrow and try to focus inside and connect with purity.
Think of your any enemy who troubles you, who spoils your energy and we will try to get rid of that enemy by forgiving him/her.
Repeat forgive, forgive forgive.
Let us use our talent in the best way.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 1st June, 2016)

To know more about Prof. Sanjay Biyani visit www.sanjaybiyani.com

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  1. I really like this positivity blog that is very helpful for me to do positve things and avoid negative things.

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