Thought Management

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How does our thinking and grasping process impacts on our career?
What we are, what we have it’s all the result of a thought. If we know the right way of thinking, we can attain anything we want.
What is the process for thinking or a thought?
The first step of our destiny is thought that comes to our mind. First the thought comes to mind and then enters our heart, which will feel that thought. Like we read news in the newspaper regarding some mishap and we feel bad or sad for the same. When our brain and heart combines it gives birth to attitude. Attitude can be positive or negative depending upon the thought that we entertain in our mind. Positive thought will be converted into positive feel and hence in positive attitude. Similarly, if we had any negative thought, it will generate negative feel and attitude. I suggest and believe that we should start our day with positive thoughts and that’s why we have been publishing a newspaper” Biyani Times”, whose circulation is around 30,000 in which we convey people all positive thoughts and information.
As we had a thought we connect it with the feel and it gives birth to attitude. And with this attitude every day we are doing some action. Our all actions are the results of our attitude. If we have positive attitude then actions will be positive and if negative attitude then actions will be negative. The way these actions keep on repeating it makes our habit. That’s why it is believed that till the age of 20 years we can incorporate good habits in a person because after 20 years, it becomes quite impossible to reshape a person’s attitude. Once a habit is made it shapes our personality. And so is the personality it will either lead to success or failure accordingly.
As our mind grasp negative things very easily and quickly, so how to overcome this problem and what will be the process for it?
Although today around us there are so many things which serves negativity to our mind and it is also true we cannot stop them all. So in that case what we can do is that we can change our self. We should everyday aim to grasp positive things. Like if we start our day with positive thoughts, positive feel, positive attitudes, positive actions, positive habits, positive personalities and positivity in our work, then slowly and gradually we will learn to tackle negativity. We don’t have to stop any negativity but we have to increase positivity.
How impactful is the thought process in terms of career for the youths of today?
It’s a fact that whatever we will become or get is not because of our books, but because of our thoughts. If we have made our life style like this in which every day we read something inspiring and motivating, all that makes our thoughts, feel and ultimately shapes our attitude.
Actually if we define life, it is nothing more than attitude. If one changes their attitude one can change their life and that can be done because of our thoughts. Sometimes back I went to Japan and realized that people there are very humble and polite. They bow and wish everyone to show gratitude by saying” oh hio gojayo mass” which means “thank you very much”. Basically all this is a thought pattern; even an Indian who will go there will adapt this habit.
Therefore, I believe we can change the world by changing our thought process.

Dr. Sanjay Biyani(Dir. Acad.)

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