What is the meaning of Self Realization

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Assembly Thoughts (1)
Self realisation is the key for improving oneself. First step to know yourself that “Who you are ?” is an important starting point. Understand yourself first to understand better. Self + Real + I + Zation means soul and Self + False + I + Zation means body. We should consider ourself as a pure soul and not as a body. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I respect you” “I love you”. Try to find out the powers inside you. You are gifted. You are unique. Think all positive things about yourself. There is a ‘JHANSI KI RANI ‘ and a ‘Vivekananda’ in you.
Yesterday the whole country celebrated 153rd Birth anniversary of our real hero, Swami Vivekananda. This great soul represented our nation in the world religion seminar in Chicago in the USA. He proved to the world that our religion is the best religion which has got maximum tolerance and love. ‘To be good and to do good’ is the highest form of spirituality which our religion teaches us.
Vivekananda said that “Have faith in yourself, All power is within. We can do anything and everything”.
His Birthday is declared as the ‘Youth Day’ because he had lot of expectations from the youth and said “Have faith that you are all born to do great things”.
Let not the barks of puppies frighten you; No, not even the thunderbolts of heaven. But stand up, wake up and work. Stop not till the goal is reached.
You youth can change the whole world. You have tremendous power. Try to do small services. Feel I am here to serve to give. Just water the plant, wipe out the tears of someone and bring smile to each face. Keep your surroundings clean.
If you want to get something first you have to give. Go on giving without expectation. To receive more in life you have to give more of yourself.
Let us be more loving and giving and more caring. Be proud of yourself. Be proud to be an Indian and try to add glory to your country.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 13 Jan, 2016)

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Who is the real Hero inside you

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We are awareness and this awareness is energy. In every cell of our body there is awareness. This awareness makes believe system and we live always with our believe system. This believe system makes our entire life, our environment, our friends, our society and our company. “A man is known by the company he keeps”
Some of you believe you are useless, this knowledge and positive thoughts are all useless. All these messaging to your subconscious are very harmful. These cannot bring success and really this believe will bring you failure. You have to explore your believe pattern. Your belief are the real hero which resides in your body cells and we can say them as our own awareness and belief.
Some of you are scared of heights some of you are scared of fire some of you are scared of seas. These are due to wrong believe.
To get out of this you have to work very hard. Like a dynamite explosion can vanish a mountain, your positive thoughts can replace your negative thoughts. Some of you can really change your inferiority complex, sense of fear and change your destiny and whole life.
Till you can not improve your believe system you cannot change your life. So you can understand why you should keep a good company, why you should listen good things. Make a habit of reading or listening something good everyday in the morning and to achieve something excellent and a good result in your life, you have to put positive energy and make a right believe system.
You have to believe in yourself. Greatest error to think that you are weak, that you are a sinner, a miserable creature and that you have no power and you cannot do this and tha and must think positive and think
“All power is within. You can do anything and everything” as Vivekananda said. I am the responsible for my fate I am the bringer of good into myself I am the pure and blessed one.
Some of you can really change your inferiority complex, sense of fear and bring miracally change in yourself and change your destiny and your whole life.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 11 Jan, 2016)

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How to Grow More Loving Everyday

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3 (1)

Rules and regulations are very important for a better life style. If there is some rule (नीति) in your life then you can achieve the goal and will move in right direction.

You have seen there is a fixed time table and rules for trains and buses also. So in life we should also follow a fixed rule and time table. There should be a policy, then surely you will reach to your destination.

Otherwise your life is aimless and you are out of the track and you may move in a wrong direction. There is a fixed time and route for planes also to fly. So if in this world all beautiful works are going along with some fixed time table and rule why not we can set a right time table and rule for our life also. Why not we do work according to some policy and set a better time table.

After setting rules you have to decide whether they are really beneficial and if you have a burning desire and will power, a fixed goal you will surely achieve that and you will become better and better day by day,. This is called self management.

Let me tell you a story. There was a beggar who used to get up every morning and start the day with his begging bowl in his hand. At the end of the day he just make himself satisfied by taking food from the money. He collected in the day and did nothing else. He is too lazy to do any other work like bathing etc. Naturally he was carrying a stinking smell. Like that one day he died as other people die.

After death people tried to do his last rites but as even after the cremation of his body there was a very bad smell in the place where he was leaving people tried to clean that place by digging out the mud. But to their surprise after digging to some depth they found there are seven big earthen pots filled with gold coins. But that beggar did not have any knowledge of those valuable wealth on which he stayed, slept and lived a life of beggar.

Our life also resembles this fact that we have everything inside …. So much happiness is inside and we look to others and beg for happiness. So much peace is inside but a like a beggar we are begging and pleading to others to give us peace. All wisdom is inside. We are so powerful so magical go inside and feel we have so much powerful and beautiful D.N.A.

But unfortunately we use only 5% of our brain capacity and we cannot explore ourselves, can not judge our own capacity and go on begging from others and this begging habit do not allow us to be a better person.

Life is not only to celebrate, but to work hard, to achieve something, to give something to someone who are less fortunate and who are deserving, to love your neighbours and help and serve them, to be a caring and loving understanding, thoughtful person. Try to find out the reason of living. So not only set rules but make the rules better and better.

Try to adopt the habit of daily meditation and to get success try to define your object well, you are an energy and energy is the knowledge. I wish you to be a knowledgeable person.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 9 Jan, 2016)

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Move towards true knowledge

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While you study again and again ask yourself “is the concept is clear” ? If you understand the concept then your knowledge will increase and it will become permanent. When you say something you should know its meaning. Without meaning if you learn something then your knowledge is not permanent it is an ignorance and it is temporary.
If you cannot explain what you are speaking then you act like a stupid and your ideas are useless because your concept is not clear. As we are chanting a mantra think how many of you do understand it’s meaning. In mantra “MAN” मन means mind and TRA (त्र) means instrument.
If mind can be attached to an instrument it can give result like a machine. It will act like a scientific device.
Whenever chanting any mantra how many of us concentrate on our body. After that how many of you can concentrate your mind ? And after that how many of you can use your intellect to understand the meaning and how many of you can live in God awareness and soul awareness and how many of you do have faith and hope.
To move towards perfection you will have to understand the meaning first and you should be able to convince others what is the purpose of life ? Why we are beyond the body.
In Ohm Mantra there are three words – अ, उ * म and above all there is a sign of chandra bindu
In this word there are three elements
First stage is Supreme state or SAT which means (Excellent) and is the elevated state which is our intellect.
Second Stage is Raj (Moderate) that is our five senses and our mind
Third tage is Tam (Lower) which is nature and our body. It’s base is earth and we get all grains rise wheat etc. and vegetables from which our body is sustained.
Soul is the highest stage . The person or the element which is beyond intellect beyond the body, beyond the word that very powerful element is our soul it is the conscious and the supreme powerful element is God.
Whenever chanting any Mantra our awareness moves from lower level to upper level and we realise God you are beyond the body, you are beyond the world, beyond the intellect. Then we are connected to the supreme soul and our intellect level increases knowledge increases, listening power improves.
Western culture is where the sun sets and eastern culture where is the sun rises.
Those who are materialistic face depression, frustration stress and sometimes takes steps of suicide whereas those who are leaving with intellect gets happiness, satisfaction, if you want to get permanent happiness then you have to live in awareness. If you what to get good result try to learn with understanding, with proper clear conception, with proper feeling.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 8 Jan, 2016)

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Where is our mind (मन) and intellect (बुद्धि) lie

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where is our mind and intellect
Where are you standing now? Are you at home? Outside ? Or in India ? Or somewhere else?
It’s a very simple question. Its answer can give you solution to all your questions.
This is a very interesting question
Actually you are there where your mind is. So if you are thinking you are at home you are not present here –your whole attention will be at home. You actually take your mind to your home.
Similarly, when you are supposed to be present in your class, your mind may have taken you to a picture hall and you will miss an important lecture.
So, we are there where our mind is and mind is there where our attention is. Some people’s attention is always in recreation and they live a life of “eat, drink and make merry.” style. Some people’s mind is always full of good thoughts and they live a life striving for perfection.
This is a very powerful gift. Wherever I draw my attention, my mind goes there. But unfortunately we fail to control our mind and we live in a divided state. That’s why our whole body becomes segregated or divided in small parts.
This will create such a chaos that after 3 years you will find one third of people walking like lunatics in our streets. This is due to the radiation effect and ignorance and stress.
That’s why we need to meditate to get focused and to be present in the present moment. Then we can give instruction to our mind to be focused and to do “ONE WORK AT A TIME”. If we can do this then we can achieve excellence.
How many of you can honestly say that while studying for 1 or 2 hours at home your mind was wholly present in your books and even for a second it didn’t waver. So you have to concentrate more. To get good result you have to control your mind so that it can follow your direction
But mind is governed by intellect and where does your intellect lie? Your intellect lies where your thought lies. Your thought determines whether decision taken is right or wrong?
You are a bundle of thoughts “AS YOU THINK SO YOU WILL BE”. So to improve your intellect you should improve your thoughts. “The intellect is the vessel that holds the knowledge of God”. It is different from the mind. I wish you to excel in your exam, in your life. You have to have a vision and a focused mind and a burning desire to achieve your goal.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 7 Jan, 2016)

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Try to be a Knowledgeable Person

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blog knowledge1

Are you taking decision through your intellect or through your mind ? Do you remember that behind your mind there is your intellect and intellect is governed by your soul and soul is connected with God ?

So when you take decision through your intellect you are living in God’s Awareness & you gain wisdom.

You become a good listener. Only 5 kind of people can listen properly.

  1. ARJUN
  4. 4. HANUMAN
  5. 5. A person who wants to learn, wants to grow. Think where you belong ?

When we speak vibration is created by our sound. What do we create from vibration ?

Energy is created through vibration. Knowledge should be practical which we can apply in life, and due to that our life should be better, our personality should be pleasing. Otherwise this knowledge is only information. We are not a CD in which something can be recorded. We are beyond a CD. We are not a machine which will just collect information. Our brain is not meant to only memorize and reproduce the same things.

Knowledge should be that which we can apply and benefit out of it.

From today try to apply your knowledge in practical life.

Science people should be able to apply what they learn in the laboratory in their practical day to day life.

Commerce students should think how to do marketing so that they gain profit or use their knowledge in human resources.

If you are an energy then the most important think is your vibration or thought. It is the most important thing which can change you miraculously.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 5 Jan, 2016)

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How to take Best Decision

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blog intellect

Let us welcome 2016, another new year and do something new. As of now we are taking decisions with our mind (मन) but now let us take decisions with our intellect.

Actually mind (मन) thinks but it’s the  intellect that takes decisions. Intellect is situated in our body at the point between our two eyebrows where we put tilak where Agya Chakra is situated.

We should make our intellect very powerful so that it can take right decision and can set our mind on the  right track. Only 5% people take decision through intellect where as 95% people take decision through their mind (मन).

But till the time we cannot take decisions with our mind (मन) and till we gain our wisdom we lead the life of an animal . Vivekananda said “We are here not to eat, drink make merry and pass away”.

We should have awareness and give thanks to God because all our five senses are normal. We see outside world through these five senses.  Behind these five senses we have our mind (मन). This mind (मन) also should be normal and powerful but our intellect should be able to control our mind (मन). This intellect is governed by our soul and soul is connected with God, failure comes because we are doing according to our mind only if we focus on intellect, we become successful. There are very few people who use  their intellect and get wisdom. For example Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekanand . Others live like common people and die one day whom world doesn’t even remember.

We should not be slave to our mind (मन), we should be the  master of our mind (मन). We should be able to take decision with our intellect, then only can you do something new and big.

Promise to yourself to become intelligent and take decision with your intelligence. Try to read good literature of our country. Gita is the best book which can give you solution of  day to day problem. It can develop your wisdom. Be proud to be an Indian and try to know more about Indian culture, literature and you will be surprised that India is very rich in spirituality. Whole world looks forward to India for her spiritual values. People from outside come to India to learn yoga and meditation.

So let us meditate now and channelize our whole body with positivity by chanting the mantra in the right way.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 4 Jan, 2016)

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Self Evaluation

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Year 2015 is going to come to an end very soon. Before this year ends let us reflect over a past and write down two things.

Firstly 1.          What are the mistakes we did in the last year.

Second 2          What are the resolutions for the coming year.

Let us finish up our all pending work and clear all our pending files. It’s only knowledge which will help us to do self analysis. Only the knowledge of books or the subject you teach are sufficient. You need to have self knowledge.  You are energy not just a body. Body is made up of five elements and this whole world consists of energy.

We are here to use our energy to serve humanity without expecting any reward and to see unity in diversity, to seek to eliminate the ego and its attachments.

In the coming new year we should develop the power of saying “Sorry” frequently, even if some times we are correct. It helps the other person to realize his mistake.

We should be more active and our actions should be able to inspire others before we leave this earth. Let us do something for the society. But try to bow down your head to the almighty; after all it is He who can do better work through us.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 28 Dec, 2015)

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You are Becoming Better & Better Day By Day

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motivation blog
After getting everything in life if you are still polite, humble and can bow down your head in front of God then you are great. Your standard is high and you possess a pleasing personality.

Now, a days people show off and from outside they try to prove their high standard and personality.

But to me from your heart if you can thank God always in celebrations as well as in adverse situation, you get time to pray when you are very busy also your personality will grow.

From your feed back I can understand you are becoming more disciplined, more well behaved. You are becoming more positive towards life.

Above all you are a good human being. All these are your strength. These are more important than getting more marks in exam.

Our character is our strength. That’s why India is maintaining a special standard in the world.

Be proud to be an Indian and be proud of it’s rich Heritage and Culture “What will you profit if you win the whole world but lose your character” from your feed back. It seems you all need a long winter break.

I feel you deserve this, after giving exam, facing stress you need happiness and relaxing.

So, you will get Happy Holidays. Welcome the new year, feel you are very lucky !

Some of you said “Everything is useless” but your words are your image if you cry in sorrow and loose sense in celebration your mental state is very low. Small small problems, low thinking, low standard are all useless.

Keep your mental state so high so that you can maintain a high standard. When you go up your problems will not trouble you and you can easily solve them.

Meditation can bring this state of mind, meditation is not a punishment. Meditation is happiness. It gives you control and helps you in all situation. It helps to grow your inner personality.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 24 Dec, 2015)

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Assembly Thoughts

Before taking any decision you have to listen to voice of your heart as well as voice of your mind.

But how to find out which one is correct I shall give you a solution.

Firstly listen to your heart & feel the feelings. Is it a feeling of happiness or fear ?

Before taking decision observe your feelings for a period of fifteen days.

If after fifteen days the gravity of fear is more then understand it is the voice of mind which wants to give you pleasure for a short time.

But if it is voice of your heart slowly the gravity of fear will become lesser & lesser & feeling of happiness will increase. Then follow the direction of your conscious. Otherwise when you take hasty decision it can lead you to wrong path.

As you have seen how children are ruining their lives & money when they rushed whimsically to Mumbai to become actors in films by just watching an advertisement in the news paper.

Better you observe your role of an actor for at least two weeks & feel the pleasure. If the gravity of this feeling increases with time then this may become your passion.

In life we get inspired but how many of us feel like inspiring others. If you can inspire a child also please do it, so that you can keep yourself inspired.

Now tell me how many of you need Christmas holidays, or raise your hands who wants to study & clear out their doubts with teachers.

So the majority wants holidays because you are taking decision by listening to the voice of mind which will of course give you pleasure but for a very short time, so see mind is so powerful.

I wish in the long run when you have to take important decision please listen to your voice of heart.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 22 Dec, 2015)

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