How to develop your soft skill

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In our education system maximum importance is given on Domain expertise(De) which plays f 13%role in success in real life and we ignore 87% role of soft skill. That’s why 87% of the youth are still unemployed.
We have almost 100 muscles in our face. Whenever we go for an interview then the entrepreneur looks for a person who will be able to do his work properly. He wants to read your face and watches our attitude, how you enter the room, how do you face the interview board; will you be the right person for the job or business or the purpose the entrepreneur is looking for? All the answers are on your face, in the attitude you show and your body language. Were you depressed or worried or irritated or whether you presented yourself as a pleasant or confident person, decides your result of interview.
The person who wanted to give an assignment to you it is possible that it may be an important assignment which may solve many problems of life. How can you prove your ability if you are not selected? For this you have to develop your soft skill along with domain expertise (De).
In our education system maximum importance is given on De which plays a role of 13% in real life and we ignore 87% role of soft skill. That’s why 87% of the youth are still unemployed..
Let us do a survey which can clear many things about life. We will have to make a survey form and we will try to collect some important information from top class manager, company’s CEO, executives, directors about their qualifications or degrees ( DE) like whether they are BCA or IT or .Did they appear for I.A.S or R.A.S?
You will find maximum people out of these top class people are from a common normal background. But their soft skills are different. Their attitudes are different.
This has been found as a result of a survey of Stanford University where 50,000 students became entrepreneurs and running their own business. When they were asked the reason of their successful career it was concluded that in their success the role of De was 13% and rest 87% was the role of soft skill. And this soft skill includes one’s attitude, understanding, thoughts and personality.
So today’s important lesson is We have to increase the level of soft skills and move towards 100%.We may get a job on the basis of 13% De but we won’t get much scope to improve. So we need to have 87% soft skill along with 13% De(Domain expertise)


Thoughts delivered in Morning Assembly on 21st Sept.2016
By prof.SanjayBiyani.

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