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Assembly Thoughts

Before taking any decision you have to listen to voice of your heart as well as voice of your mind.

But how to find out which one is correct I shall give you a solution.

Firstly listen to your heart & feel the feelings. Is it a feeling of happiness or fear ?

Before taking decision observe your feelings for a period of fifteen days.

If after fifteen days the gravity of fear is more then understand it is the voice of mind which wants to give you pleasure for a short time.

But if it is voice of your heart slowly the gravity of fear will become lesser & lesser & feeling of happiness will increase. Then follow the direction of your conscious. Otherwise when you take hasty decision it can lead you to wrong path.

As you have seen how children are ruining their lives & money when they rushed whimsically to Mumbai to become actors in films by just watching an advertisement in the news paper.

Better you observe your role of an actor for at least two weeks & feel the pleasure. If the gravity of this feeling increases with time then this may become your passion.

In life we get inspired but how many of us feel like inspiring others. If you can inspire a child also please do it, so that you can keep yourself inspired.

Now tell me how many of you need Christmas holidays, or raise your hands who wants to study & clear out their doubts with teachers.

So the majority wants holidays because you are taking decision by listening to the voice of mind which will of course give you pleasure but for a very short time, so see mind is so powerful.

I wish in the long run when you have to take important decision please listen to your voice of heart.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 22 Dec, 2015)

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