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Assembly Thoughts1

Happy Monday. Let’s start everyday by wishing happy Tuesday, happy Wednesday and so on. But how can it be a happy Monday ? Its not only by saying we have to do something to make the day happy.
Did you wish your mother in the morning and touched her feet ? Mother is the only person who always gives you unconditional love and always wishes the best for you. Do you show your regard to her everyday? It’s a must. Otherwise you will not be able to confess her.. It’s our greatest mistake to lie with our mother, keep her away from truth or to hide anything from her. This is a sin.
I think God will also not forgive you for this and we will be punished, stating the law that for wrong deeds results will never be good.
Mother always gives you shelter and defends you from all odds.. Due to good intention of the mother you are always protected. Mother is a symbol of purity and a true well wisher. So, if you lie in front of her you will surely lose peace of mind, because your lie will hurt her. This is the worst deed.
Better consider mother as your first Guru (Guide/Teacher) even if she is not highly educated. Education does not mean to have more degrees or qualification. Education comes from experience, from love and affection.
So if you are committing this sin better try to change right now. Don’t hide anything from your mother. Try to speak truth to be truthful with her. Be truthful. Confess to her right now otherwise your mother will be shocked one day.
Be courageous. Be brave. Live like ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’. Bear high self esteem. Be a good manager. Have a noble character so that you can differentiate between truth and false.
Vibration, emotions and feelings have a great effect in our life. We sometimes do lot of work due to an unknown force. That unknown force is called the law of Karma. Every thought is a seed and every seed leads to Karma. Even a bad thought leads to a bad Karma and its action will be bad.
Please stop bad forces by giving attention to your thoughts, connecting with truth, by trusting your mothers and considering her, your teacher and guide. The only purpose of education is to build up a good character, make yourself strong from inside and grow your inner beauty. Beauty is not outside, only love makes you beautiful.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 30th May, 2016)

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