How to take Best Decision

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Let us welcome 2016, another new year and do something new. As of now we are taking decisions with our mind (मन) but now let us take decisions with our intellect.

Actually mind (मन) thinks but it’s the  intellect that takes decisions. Intellect is situated in our body at the point between our two eyebrows where we put tilak where Agya Chakra is situated.

We should make our intellect very powerful so that it can take right decision and can set our mind on the  right track. Only 5% people take decision through intellect where as 95% people take decision through their mind (मन).

But till the time we cannot take decisions with our mind (मन) and till we gain our wisdom we lead the life of an animal . Vivekananda said “We are here not to eat, drink make merry and pass away”.

We should have awareness and give thanks to God because all our five senses are normal. We see outside world through these five senses.  Behind these five senses we have our mind (मन). This mind (मन) also should be normal and powerful but our intellect should be able to control our mind (मन). This intellect is governed by our soul and soul is connected with God, failure comes because we are doing according to our mind only if we focus on intellect, we become successful. There are very few people who use  their intellect and get wisdom. For example Mahatma Gandhi, Vivekanand . Others live like common people and die one day whom world doesn’t even remember.

We should not be slave to our mind (मन), we should be the  master of our mind (मन). We should be able to take decision with our intellect, then only can you do something new and big.

Promise to yourself to become intelligent and take decision with your intelligence. Try to read good literature of our country. Gita is the best book which can give you solution of  day to day problem. It can develop your wisdom. Be proud to be an Indian and try to know more about Indian culture, literature and you will be surprised that India is very rich in spirituality. Whole world looks forward to India for her spiritual values. People from outside come to India to learn yoga and meditation.

So let us meditate now and channelize our whole body with positivity by chanting the mantra in the right way.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 4 Jan, 2016)

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Self Evaluation

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Year 2015 is going to come to an end very soon. Before this year ends let us reflect over a past and write down two things.

Firstly 1.          What are the mistakes we did in the last year.

Second 2          What are the resolutions for the coming year.

Let us finish up our all pending work and clear all our pending files. It’s only knowledge which will help us to do self analysis. Only the knowledge of books or the subject you teach are sufficient. You need to have self knowledge.  You are energy not just a body. Body is made up of five elements and this whole world consists of energy.

We are here to use our energy to serve humanity without expecting any reward and to see unity in diversity, to seek to eliminate the ego and its attachments.

In the coming new year we should develop the power of saying “Sorry” frequently, even if some times we are correct. It helps the other person to realize his mistake.

We should be more active and our actions should be able to inspire others before we leave this earth. Let us do something for the society. But try to bow down your head to the almighty; after all it is He who can do better work through us.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 28 Dec, 2015)

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You are Becoming Better & Better Day By Day

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After getting everything in life if you are still polite, humble and can bow down your head in front of God then you are great. Your standard is high and you possess a pleasing personality.

Now, a days people show off and from outside they try to prove their high standard and personality.

But to me from your heart if you can thank God always in celebrations as well as in adverse situation, you get time to pray when you are very busy also your personality will grow.

From your feed back I can understand you are becoming more disciplined, more well behaved. You are becoming more positive towards life.

Above all you are a good human being. All these are your strength. These are more important than getting more marks in exam.

Our character is our strength. That’s why India is maintaining a special standard in the world.

Be proud to be an Indian and be proud of it’s rich Heritage and Culture “What will you profit if you win the whole world but lose your character” from your feed back. It seems you all need a long winter break.

I feel you deserve this, after giving exam, facing stress you need happiness and relaxing.

So, you will get Happy Holidays. Welcome the new year, feel you are very lucky !

Some of you said “Everything is useless” but your words are your image if you cry in sorrow and loose sense in celebration your mental state is very low. Small small problems, low thinking, low standard are all useless.

Keep your mental state so high so that you can maintain a high standard. When you go up your problems will not trouble you and you can easily solve them.

Meditation can bring this state of mind, meditation is not a punishment. Meditation is happiness. It gives you control and helps you in all situation. It helps to grow your inner personality.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 24 Dec, 2015)

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Listen to voice of mind as well as voice of heart

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21-12-2015 (2)

What is the difference between voice of mind and voice of heart and how can you differentiate between these two. This is very difficult to find out which is voice of your mind and which is voice of your hearth. Actually voice of heart is very powerful but to clear your confusion, you have to make your mind very powerful.

First listen to your heart and then wait for sometime (At least seven days). If the same thought persists after a gap of at least seven days then follow the direction of your heart.

Mind is very tricky, mind is happy with small pleasure. Mind can fool you sometime.

Watch very carefully and observe whether mind can give you long term happiness.

At last follow your conscious which will always take you to right path.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 21 Dec, 2015)

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Do you want to be courageous ? Do you want to enhance your confidence ?

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21.12.2015 (1)

Good Morning ! Good Luck for your exam. How many of you spoke truth and never lie in last three days ?

Congratulations’ to you who could speak truth but only truth and congratulations to them who are admitting truthfully that they couldn’t do because you are honest.

I would like to suggest two words that can increase your confidence and courage.

First is – increase your FAITH

Second is – try to speak TRUTH

Why you have to speak lie ? Because you are scared, either scared of facing the truth or scared of meeting failure.

But know that truth will always prevail in life truth will always win over false image.

Try to face any exam with confidence and a challenging positive truthful attitude. Remember

“Doing best is better that getting best”.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 21 Dec, 2015)

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Your words reflect your personality

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Life is a struggle but how many of us welcome trouble ? We want comfortable life. How many of you can study up to 01:00 A.M. In this winter when your comfortable bed is waiting for you but more we can face struggle at present, life will give less trouble afterwards (in future). Today’s struggle can bring comfortable future.

Life is not measured by years but by its quality. Those who are speaking about others most of the time they are reflecting their own thoughts, own character. Actually one’s personality can be determined by their speech and words. World will be of the colour which you are using in your looking glass. Your

words determine your nature. Moreover, it seems many of us try to use the freedom and not follow traffic rules. Like not using Helmet, driving with very high speed. We are taking care of our hair, but not of our valuable head.

How tragic it will be if you meet with an accident and make your parents unhappy & shocked. Take pride in your discipline and prove yourself a responsible citizen of India. We are really very lucky to be born in India.

How many of you can welcome your morning by saying “Thank you for a lovely day” ? You are living today, so live in gratitude today. Make it a point to give thanks to your mummy when you go back home.

Channelize your whole body by chanting “OM” in correct way.

Clap properly as clapping can energies your whole body and you can say and you can say ” Today is going to be a great day”

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 16 Dec, 2015)

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Your energy will flow where your awareness flow.

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Sanjay Sir Thought 14-12-2015

We are an energy and in cosmos we get atoms our energy together with atoms makes our D.N.A. which determines our behaviour pattern. You all are Jhansi Ki Rani and in the morning while you go from here think you are like a current which has the spare which can bring light in this world. Take a deep breath & let it go now chant the mantra “OM” thinking v touches your neval part  touches your heart & ‘M’ touches your brain. These three words pronounced correctly can channelize your whole body with positivity and bring your awareness.

sb blogIf you feel emotionally not in high state keep your conscious in your heart, if you seek knowledge keep it in the centre of eyebrow (AGGACHAKRA) and wherever your conscious will go with awareness that part will be perfect.

Now do some work for coming exam and you better welcome exam because exam can take out your potentiality. Don’t try to run away from exam.

Problems should be welcomed and from now give a thought of doing. Best in this coming Exam.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for listening me.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
(Message for morning assembly dated 14 Dec, 2015)

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Value of Knowledge

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Knowledge should be given to deserving candidates. If you are not accepting the knowledge & don’t value them then it is useless to give knowledge to you.
You should be able to accept the knowledge & should value the knowledge. We can create our nature & attitude by accepting teachings of great teachers have regard for the knowledge.
I salute my teachers & his/her teaching by this thought we create a positive aura & we can bring wisdom out of our mind. We can really educate ourselves & get rid of ignorance (darkness) & welcome (light) knowledge.
Bow down your head to Guru’s, sadhu’s who have wisdom & want to share their valuable experiences with you.
If only 100 of us get this wisdom we can change this world.
If you are in mood to learn you grow otherwise you are not young, you are an old person.
You don’t become old by age but by your attitude.
If you are learning every moment, enjoying every work, you are growing always like a child.
Let there be a new ‘You’, A better person come out of you.
“I can be a changed person next moment. I can grow till my last breath.”
You should create neuropathway and neuropathing will create your desired world.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
( Morning Assembly 11-Dec-2015)

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After doing hard work why we don’t get success always ?

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This is because of our mind set & our attitude we just recite prayer but we don’t do it in prayerful mood with right attitude. “As you sow so shall you reap”. We speak the words but do it like the parrot who used to say “Gangaram nal pe mat baithna” while sitting on a tap & which was taught to the bird by its instructor. We don’t value the time. We can do it with better attitude by setting ourselves as an example. By coming to assembly in right time which starts exactly at 8:00 a.m.
Put these questions to yourself & try to evaluate them at the end of the day “ Have I given 100% in my work?”
Did I enjoy my work ?
Is there anything more I could have done today ?
How can I make someone happy ?
As a teacher let me set an example to stand in front of our children in the morning assembly & pray sincerely in a prayerful mood.
Let me feel god is given me plenty & I’m here to distribute his wealth to others & to serve our children who are entrusted in my care.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
( Morning Assembly 9-Dec-2015)

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Do you live in Gratitude ?

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blog gratitude
Yesterday how many of you said “May I help you please ? Thank you !
This “Thank you” word is a magical word.
Live in gratefulness.
Be grateful when you drink water, When you take food.
Don’t take anything for granted.
Don’t feel yourself so poor that you can’t say the word ‘Thank you’ even.
Shiva means good ” Namah Shivaya”
But we feel he has the power to destroy where as Vishnu is the creator.
It is not about destroying the world.
It is the power we have to destroy our bad attitude/ignorance/agyan.
We have also the power of creating good attitude.
We have tremendous mental power.
I wish today everybody will realise.
This power and will be able to give thanks to each and everyone & live in gratitude.
We have to experience this.
Knowledge is outside
Wisdom is inside
Knowledge shows the path
Wisdom lightens the path.
Be wise, be grateful, be thankful otherwise all knowledge is useless.

By- Prof. Sanjay Biyani
( Morning Assembly 10-Dec-2015)

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