Boy friend and Girl friend relationship

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We are very powerful magnet and we have a good mechanism. So you better judge the person with whom you are going to deal. Find out how much trust worthy is that person is.
Education should teach you how to deal with a practical problems, how to solve today’s problem. In old days children used to study Vikram Vetal. Amar Chtra Katha but nowadays what do the children study?
Time has changed, situations have changed. Let us talk about Present Era, today’s problem. Let me discuss a very important problem of young generation. Whatever you listen, you start searching those things in Google search. You search only those things which you have heard of. It may be current song, old song or Bhajan.
Reflection of youth can be watched in movies. The actor who was acting and the songs that were played can be located in internet; also in Google search .These things are very important now a days. That is why we are searching things which are in our mind.
Let us discuss the situation where our education should teach us how to use our knowledge. Now a days it has become a fashion to develop friendship with any one and encourage this relationship to grow and think it is just a matter of fun. If we encourage any relationship thinking it as just a matter of enjoyment and think what difference does it make? We will forget this very soon. But it is not so easy. Think what will happen when other person is not able to forget. It will disturb his life as well as your life.
Then whole life you may face problem with so called fun relationship. Most important is your emotional aspect of life. That will be disturbed. If you want to suppress any feelings it may cause any health problem in long run.
We are very powerful magnet and we have a good mechanism. So you better judge the person with whom you are going to deal. Find out how much trust worthy that person is. You have to calculate all the risks that may come while continuing the relationship. Because if anything wrong happens today it will create problem tomorrow and you will not be able to forget that even after ten years.
Now a days any activity can be recorded in Videos. So it is very necessary to be careful about what we speak and what type of action we are doing. All these can be recorded without your knowledge. This may have bad impact on your future life. There should be decorum, decency in every relation. That is, maintain a dignity. Set a code of conduct which is called MARYADA…मर्यादा .
According to Bible, Jesus said “God is watching everything. Even He watches the sin which we do alone. So be careful and calculate the trust and all risks involved for the other person with whom you are dealing. Also think of the impact of your action in long term.
Youth only try to deal immediate effect but overlooks the long term effect. It’s a suggestions to you all please try to pay more attention to your personal decision.
Thoughts delivered in Morning Assembly on 19th Dec..2016
By prof.Sanjay Biyani.


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