Seed of Success


At which stage we should decide our career goal? And how important it is for success?
It’s a very important question especially for youth because everyone wants to be successful. Till the age of 25, the students struggle a lot to establish themselves. Keeping these things in view we have to consider and find out the seed of success. If we observe minutely around us there will be a seed, or desire or an inspiration. Every desire grows just like a tree which have been a seed initially and matured with time.
If anyone wants to explore the mantra for success firstly need to explore the level of his/her desire. If there is more prominent or burning desire then bigger will be the success tree.
What is burning desire in terms of counseling?
Burning desire is a seed for success. If one possesses the burning desire seed along with fertile land of hard work the tree of success will grow and prosper genuinely. Every student has different types of skills and interests and unfortunately our society and the concern of parents is to make their child do what they want, which is not right. The child has to find out what he/she love to do actually.
How one can find out what is their burning desire? And how much it is important for us to find out at the earliest what we actually want?
This is a very interesting and important question for our youth. The simple answer for this is whenever we get a feel from inside for any work that, “Wow! It’s amazing, I’m enjoying it”. This is called actually burning desire, passion or interest.
But the question arises that whether this is inner voice or external influence of others like parents, friends, neighbors and relatives. In external influences there will be a lot of hard work but no success will be there. If one wants to be successful like Amitab Bachan, Steve Jobs, Dilip Kumar then they have to find out that is the desire is your own or imposed by others. If it is your inner voice, then its right and one can attain success. And if it is from external influence then it’s wrong.
Is there any relationship between goal and success as to achieve a goal one has to be successful?
There is actually a very important and distinguished relationship between the two. Burning desire is more important than the professional course we opt for. For example, Steve Job, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg etc. all such success people who were college dropouts but still were successful because they loved their work and enjoyed doing it.
Do you have any personal example for this success mantra?
Basically, I’m a CA by qualification and profession and completed it because of external pressure from family but after one year, I realized that this is not exactly what I desire. So, I changed my profession from CA to an educationist and I’m enjoying it a lot. Since then from 22 years I followed my heart and had whatever I dreamt of. I managed to establish a successful web portal which is counted among top 10 educational web portals in India,” Guru”, from where students can get any type of study material either in the form of text or video and even related to career counseling. We established various educational institutions because we followed our passions. Therefore, I want to convey a message to the youth never leave your desire. Let your desire grow and then you will attain success.


Author: Dr Sanjay Biyani(Director Academic)

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Difference between career counseling & career coaching

Are career counseling and career coaching different concepts? If yes, what does it mean?
It’s an appropriate time for such concepts because every young mind wants to become something and achieve something. We generally interchange the two concepts at some times.
Counseling actually is a short term process which can be done for 15-20 minutes or at the maximum can be extended for an hour. Therefore, we can say that it is an activity. Whereas career coaching is a long process, technical and time consuming process.
What is more important career counseling or career coaching?
Firstly we have to understand the importance of career as our whole life depends on it. Our future 40- 50 years depend on career. Therefore, career coaching is very important.
As for counseling we visit a counselor, is there one coach or many coaches involved in career coaching?
Coaches are actually always around us but we hardly realize their presence. As many successful people like our honorable ex- President of India Dr. A.P.J.Abul Kalam had many coaches in their life. I have found out there are four types of coaches around us:
a) The first coach is “We”, our self
b) The second coach is our “parents”
c) The third coach is our worthy “Teachers”
d) The fourth coach is our “Friends”
If the four coaches are genuinely utilized and taken proper guidance from each one of them, then there will be no problem and a person can easily follow their passion, interest and desires.
Usually students are always confused and so pays visit to a counselor but if they are actually their own coaches, then why they remain confused?
First of all students have to search and analyze their passions and interests. And in that process of search he will be helped by others. In finding different career perspectives the students can take the help of their parents.
Teachers and friends can also provide more insight in opting the different career opportunities. This way a long list or variety of careers can be made and then accordingly students will filter it and ultimately choose the best for them.
Youths are very confused regarding realizing their own skills, how can their confusion be cleared?
Firstly students have to understand their interests and passion. And hence should try to find out what they want to become. Next they have to find experts related to that career with which they can interact and learn the essentials for that career. For example is someone wants to become an engineer he has to meet an engineer and feel accordingly if that field really suits me. Similarly someone wants to pursue career in Journalism so they have to visit studio and feel what actually happens and how.
From which age group career coaching must be started so that we can take good decisions?
Honestly, it all depends on you, whenever you feel like get into the process because it is a kind of research of one’s own self. Therefore, one has to explore oneself, one’s interests and passions, as majority of people don’t like or enjoy what they do because they actually don’t know what they wanted to do.
People have this misconception that if I will get any government job I will be happy but actually our happiness wholly depends on the fact that if we enjoy what we do. We usually forget our interests and passion and follow what others suggest and run after securing the future. That’s not a right approach.
If we specify the age group, when should career coaching must be done and how to identify the coaches and what will be whole process of coaching?
In 9th & 10th standard, as in 11th standard they opt for their field. The two year research regarding the field and its every aspect can help in making the child confidently able in opting for the career. There are numerous career branches and option, if we try to make a list, it will exceed 100 and hence the two year time slot meant for career coaching is genuinely important. Also after 11th standard also students can go for career coaching as there are chances and instances where career can be rethought or reframed.

Author: Dr. Sanjay Biyani(Director Academic)

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Success & attitude


Most widely concept discussed now a day is success. What is success and what is the relationship between success & attitude?
Everyone wants to be successful but never try to understand how to achieve that. I have researched a lot to explore this concept and finally prepared a matrix. This matrix was formed and tested on the successful people who became entrepreneur and achieved whatever they desired. You will be surprised to know that success has some parameters but what we apply is different from those and that’s why we face failure. Today our society is concerned about knowledge and believes that books can best be able to attain the same and so go for bookish knowledge. But there are many examples of successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckunberg etc. who have rouse above books and achieved their goal successfully.
Also on the basis of my interaction with thousands of people whom I interviewed I have found that knowledge occupies only 5% role in attaining success. After that I found that skill development that is considered need of the hour also occupies 5% role in attaining success. We know discipline plays a vital role right from the school & college levels and it bears only 10% of contribution in attaining success.
You will be surprised to know that 40% of role in success is played by attitude i.e. the way we perceive things. And the rest of 40% is counted for one’s enthusiasm and ambitiousness. That means it deals with questions like are we really enjoying our profession or just doing a formality.
Till now we have been focusing only the first 20% qualities but never thought of positive attitude & enthusiasm. Is attitude really an important aspect?
If you have right kind of attitude and you don’t have ample amount of knowledge then you can acquire it and also your disciplined can be developed.
How can we acquire positive attitude, even if we lack knowledge, skill and discipline and also how positive attitude can help in attaining the three? What is the basic process?
We are lucky that god blessed us with human life otherwise we could have been a crocodile or a tree etc. so therefore we should be thankful to this universe, energy and god which were the reason of our creation. The feeling of thanklessness has increased in us.
First of all we should start showing gratitude and conveying thanks to all for everything then universe will return all things that we have ever wanted.
Still after exams we are always scared and worried because of numerous questions like whether we will pass or not, if yes how much will we score and how are parents, society etc. will react. How can we overcome such fears?
We don’t have to overcome fear, we have to enhance positivity and that can be done with regularly using a single word wholeheartedly i.e. “Thank you “, which is called “Arigato” in Japanese. It is such a beautiful word but we have seen that those who use this word less have generated more negative energy. All things are taken away from us for which our attitude have become negative and have stopped valuing them no matter if it is health, relationships, job, money, career or business, in short everything starts declining.
If we become thankful for everything and start saying thank you, will it affect our growth?
There is no direct relationship between gratitude and satisfaction. If we feel gratitude and say thank you to somebody it will enhance our energy and we will work more efficiently. By saying thank you never means that we are getting satisfaction. If we actually feel good for our profession, feel thankful to our employer, we will really enjoy our work but if we don’t we will lack positive attitude towards employers, relationships and everything in life.
I request all such young people who have adopted negativity in life and relationship, taken lots of stress during exams, just for one time try to adopt positivity in life and the tips of success in which we have stated that you have to adopt one word and not like the way we crammed our nursery rhymes like “Jack & Jill went up the hill” without understanding its real meaning. The need is to feel it, if we will feel gratitude from heart then only it is useful and ultimately will generate the desired result.
As enthusiasm and positive attitude covers 40% each, how can we apply them in life?
First of all I would like to state that this one word is very effective and can change our life up to 〖360〗^0 and hence it must not be taken for granted. It is very important that one must know how to say “thank you” in a right way, as explained below:
Always make eye contact with the person to whom you are saying thank you, so that your honesty & genuineness will be communicated to that person.
Have to say “Thank you” three times for each favor.
Give reason for saying “Thank you”. For example I thank my pen as it helped me to do my work in the office. My mother helped me to achieve what I desired for, so I’m thankful to her also.
Also one should say thank you before and after taking a favor.
Therefore, when one apply all these rules one will become beautiful, satisfied and will definitely attain success.

Author: Dr. Sanjay Biyani(Director Academic)

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What is psychological counseling


What is actually psychological counseling?
As now a day’s students have appeared for their board examinations and beard a lot of exam fear, stress and tension. They are captivated by a common thought that what I want to become as there are so many counselors around them in the form of parents, relatives, neighbours, peers and many more. Also out of the 700 crore population we need to understand that every individual bears a unique personality and obviously they all have different potentials and interest. Therefore, psychological Counseling aims to assist people control their difficulties and transform personal troubles into their own personal growth.
In India the small towns are totally neglected in this context whereas in metro cities this concept of psychological counseling has captured interest.
Is psychological counseling meant for some students or group of students? If no then is it appropriate for each child?
Actually psychological counseling is the process to know or realize whatever is running inside, at our unconscious state of mind, our interests, passions and desires which ultimately gives us happiness and satisfaction. For example, if someone asks me how the moon looks like, I will tell something about it, you will understand something else and the third person listening to the meaning will interpret in some other way.
Although all the three will be correct in their own ways and so their interpretations will depict automatically the type of personality each one possess.
Similarly we show students’ different pictures and they all interpret them in their own ways. With the help of such exercises we get to know about their personalities and their interest areas. And hence accordingly can categorize them.
For choosing a vocational course how much it is important to consider or consult a psychological counselor i.e. when a child should approach for Psychological counseling?
The child should approach after 10th standard because at that time the child is mature enough to take decisions but if not possible for any reason should approach during 12th standard.

You have been dealing with many students from long time that face problems during career selection because of parents, neighbors, relatives and peer pressure. Generally what kind of general troubles students face?
General problems that I have observed specifically in girls are the fear element and that too in excess. There exists a phobia pertaining to exams and to the society which develops an inferiority complex. The students which are fearless can perform better and are more successful.
Those who have fear their life is full of troubles. The main reason of fear is lack of faith. In classrooms students doubt their teachers, they doubt god and hence their power to believe is very poor. In youngsters the reason for their declined efficiency is lack of faith. For becoming fearless the main key is to increase the faith. Therefore, the more is ones faith, the more one can become fearless. If you want to see how big or successful a person is one should see how much faith that person bears. Higher the faith higher will be the personality & vice versa.

Why there is a lot of fear among students despite of all requisite facilities provided like best courses, colleges or universities?
No matter what religion on belongs to but our youngsters lacks faith, they don’t trust god. It has been proved through Newton’s Law whatever you give you will receive the same. The moment the youngsters will start trusting they will gain confidence. It’s simple if you start trusting you will gain faith for yourself.
For the students hailing from small towns and villages how can they be benefitted through psychological counseling?
We are very concerned for youths and their career related problems. In Biyani Group of colleges, Jaipur we have established a counseling cell in which a student categorized on the basis of their performance tests and accordingly we help and guide students.

Author:Dr. Sanjay Biyani(Director Academic)

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The law of attraction and Gratitude

The law of attraction says that like attracts like, so if we take something for granted, we will be taken from as a result. Remember, “whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her”.To your current circumstances, you have to practice gratitude and make it your new way of life.To live in gratitude, to experience the magic in your life, thank you must become thetwo words you deliberately say and feel more than any other words. They need to become your identity. Thank you is the bridge from where you are now, to the life of your dreams.The more you deliberately think and say the magic words, thank you, the more gratitude you feel.The more gratitude you deliberately think and feel, the more abundance you receive.According to the law of attraction you have to be grateful for what you have to attract success to you. So, without gratitude, it’s impossible to have permanent success.

Gratitude is something you must have before you can receive, not something that you simply do after something goods has happened. Most people are grateful after they receive something good, but to make all your wishes come true and change your entire life by filling it with riches in every area, you must be grateful before and after.

Author: Dr.Sanjay Biyani

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